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Cable Got You Down?

by Leslie Stewart

We just turned off our cable.  Ahhhh!  I feel like a dieter who’s successfully removed all ice cream and cookies from the house, and while munching on baby carrots, is feeling refreshingly good but still wandering into the kitchen après dinner, hunting for the sweet stuff!

The experiment:  We are exclusively relying on Netflix to bring us our home entertainment a la the screen.   Although we haven’t worked our way over to Nip Tuck or Living Lohan (is that a Que possibility yet - I’m not even sure), we just might.  After the carrots and grapes (The Bucket List and The Moses Code were our health food this weekend) lose their luster, we are prepared to get lured back to the white flour and sugar of Reality TV and B-Movie Comedies.

The nice thing I’ve found is that I can have just one cookie when it comes to TV.  It’s taken a change in relationship, but I’ve learned that the whole plate has me feeling low, not to mention a little sick.

And, like most things in life, a little won’t kill you.

I bring this up, my savvy friends, because TV is really powerful at creating company and sucking the creativity, not to mention connection, out of us. No date or fun plans?  TV will put its arm around you on Saturday night and whisper sweet nothings. For hours.

I have a client, ‘Jill.’  Jill and I started working together, and the focus was on looking at how she was approaching her life as a single woman who was ready for a healthy, long-term partnership.   To get her started with a healthier foundation, we deleted some phone numbers from her cell that were ‘no longer serving her,’ and we took a look at some outdated beliefs and limited ways of thinking.   We also changed her relationship with TV.  This was front and center in her life, and she called it.   She knew right away that she needed to change her TV habit.   What happened?  Her energy soared:  she exercised more; she spent more time creating in the kitchen which she loved doing.  Jill swapped the time that was spent in front of the TV and now spent it reading, reflecting, and visioning - all excellent ways to connect you to yourself, create presence, and focus on positive outcomes.

So…let’s get real.    Cable got you down?  Like, down for the count?  Don’t fear!  Make the change in baby steps.  Set some boundaries -30 minutes a night, a certain show or two, and leave it at that.  You can still indulge; it’s OK.   You will find that some amazing things unfold the more you get away from the tube and into your own life.

About the author:

Leslie Stewart is an expert on love and relationship, and has coached over one hundred people towards realizing their dreams. Integrating over twelve years of corporate work, a degree in Psychology, training at the renowned Coaches Training Institute, and her own self-discovery and life experiences – Leslie has created life-changing programs for women who are looking to reconnect with their authentic selves and create a bridge between their reality and their desires. Visit Leslie at Leslie lives in San Francisco with her great love and husband, Larry, and 5 future dogs.