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Losing Face - Chapter 1

The first chapter in a poignant, honest, riveting and humorous account of one woman's journey towards a facelift and beyond....written by Sandra Long

The Squish Factor

Or how do we squish everything into our day that we have to these days?
Are we all superwomen, or is it a myth? Do we merely get by, and that's it?


Mirror, Mirror

Let’s face it, we are living in an age where growing old, or rather looking old has become inappropriate. Gone are the times where one was respected and honored for the experience and wisdom that one acquired during one’s lifetime.

This One's For The Girls

Step aside, Stepford Men’s Club; today’s male huddles have got nothing on the rise in popularity of women’s get-togethers.

You Think Too Much!

Why do parents continue to think they will teach their children by physically punishing them?

Why Complain? When You Wake Up It's Still You!

When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself or do you see what you want to be?

Land of the Rising Sun, Land of the Sinking Self

Christina Kautsky's last article was about how to move out. She continues the series with her unique view of living in Tokyo.

Resolution Revolution

It started out as a joke, but read how Allison Schurman made her New Year's resolution to have a piece of chocolate a day

Can't Get That Song Out Of My Head (Pts 1 & 2)

Do you want to live a life of more ease, happiness, balance and prosperity? Of course you do! Then listen to the RIGHT music!

Finding Home

A heart-warming story about how love can strike you in the oddest of ways.

I'm... Movin' Out

Whether you're moving around the world, across the country, or just downtown, relocating is always difficult. Tips to make moving out easier.

Me And My (Almost) Prince

A reader's story about her up close and personal encounter with European royalty.

Angela Izzo's Amazing Story About Surviving Breast Cancer

Angela Izzo is a 34 year old deaf woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Read her incredible story.

Today's Woman

She is a guide, mentor, mother, nurturer, wife, and friend. Today's woman is a new woman in an ever changing new world.
by Rose DesRochers.

Color Me

by Janet Paszkowski
A beautiful poem about the changing colors and moods of women.

Single Male Seeking Female Companion

Single women of the world, rejoice! John Hinckley is desperate, dateless and seeking a new partner.
by Joan Geary

Absolving Abuse: Life After The Darkness Of Domestic Abuse

Melanie Watson shares her story and encourages women to be self advocates in their healing process.