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Is Your Favorite Celebrity Gay?

Whether Kevin and Tom like it or not, it appears that if you are famous, your sexuality is no longer your business.

Celebrity Aging - What Does 40 REALLY Look Like?

Who are the real celebrity role models to show us what aging naturally looks like?

What Price Fame?

Last week I went to see Michael Bublé in concert and the question I had to ask myself is how much does he pay for his "swoon" status?



Your Child's Strengths: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

By focusing on how children’s individual strengths can create success, parents and teachers can build on this foundation to help them thrive in school and in life.

Book Review:
How To Survive Your Marriage

By hundreds of happy couples who did...

The Popularity of "Chick Lit"

During the past decade a new genre of literature has emerged, referred to as 'Chick Lit'.

Great Quotations From Great Women More Great Quotations From Great Women