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Almost 35

I have discovered something about women who have recently turned 40. They have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for women who are about to turn 35.

An Amazing Accomplishment

My mother (bless her big ole Southern heart) should be presented with a medal in a public ceremony for putting up with me all these years. Find out why.



Dear Andy

Mortgaging the Farm

My husband turned 45 last week, and he's driving me crazy. He says he feels old, but he's acting like a moody pubescent teen. I just want him back, preferably in one piece. What can I do?

Kathy's Kaleidoscope

Love is Finite – Pass it on

Marvel at the gift of life we have been given. Embrace the infinite love that comes with life, and pass the light of love as far as it will travel. The loss of a friend is a poignant reminder that although life is a gift, it is fleeting.

Television Cliffhangers Across the Decades

It’s time for graduations, weddings, and the post-season analysis of the series’ finales.


Letters from London

Mine's Bigger Than Yours!

Don’t look now, but it’s big money, big houses, big gowns, big hair (extensions); it’s the 80’s all over again. Don’t look back; can big shoulders be far behind? Aagrhhh!

High Street Shopping

Maggie from London enters the debate over the high end megamarts versus the high street vendors. Read her amusing story.