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Almost 35

I have discovered something about women who have recently turned 40. They have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for women who are about to turn 35.

Let THEM Eat Cake

The author takes a humorous yet earnest look at her rebellious reaction to a baked good and how her husband and his family's traditional expectations nearly became a recipe for disaster.

An Amazing Accomplishment

My mother (bless her big ole Southern heart) should be presented with a medal in a public ceremony for putting up with me all these years. Find out why.

Why Granny Smoked

Granny's newly acquired habit of sitting in her room and puffing away became the subject of much conversation in the family. One day I decided to find out for myself what the reason was.

Six Easy Steps

Replacing an old storm door. How hard can it be? Hmmm, six easy steps but three different manuals.

Stud Finder

With a new drill with extra gadgets in hand, this do-it-yourself Mom feels compelled to do home projects.


Beer... And Cheesecake

Tune in to the two most popular sporting events in February - Super Bowl Sunday and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Beefcake anyone?

Confessions Of A Focus Group Whore

Him: “How often do you drink beer?
"Me: “How often do you want me to drink beer?”
Him: “Five times a week? Great, you’re in.”

My Husband's Hottie Boss

The good news is, my husband’s found work after being unemployed for four months. The bad news: his supervisor is a thirty-year-old redheaded temptress whose vanity plates read “2 Hot 4 U.” By Cheryl O'Donovan

Me, My Cars and I

Cars are important to most people. I
learned that thirty years ago when, while introducing my
boyfriend, I received eye-brow-lifting nods of approval
- not for him - for his car.

Trick Or Treat, Mr Goodbar

A humorous tale of trying to find love in a singles bar by well known humorist and author of The Estrogen Underground Cheryl O'Donovan.

Celebrate National Girlfriend's Day

Read all the fabulous reasons why it's GREAT to be a woman!

Baggage Handling

And NOT the kind of baggage you take on vacation with you.

I Married A Meat Man

The amusing story of how a colorblind red meat man got together with a lacto ovo vegetarian!

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Shoppers

The humorous account of one woman's account of overcoming her impulsive shopping habits.