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Kathy's Kaleidoscope

Musings from Kathy

Kathy Wooton MD is our resident humorist. Read her funny accounts about life as a humor writer.

Television Cliffhangers Across the Decades 

It's time for graduations, weddings, and the post-season analysis of the series' finales.


Love is Finite – Pass it on

Marvel at the gift of life we have been given. Embrace the infinite love that comes with life, and pass the light of love as far as it will travel. The loss of a friend is a poignant reminder that although life is a gift, it is fleeting.

Jefferson and The Talking Meals on Wheels

There are events that occur in daily life that are too amusing not to share. As I currently am in a sharing mood, I offer one of the antics of Jefferson, my spoiled canine companion, for your amusement.

That Girl's Not Right

This is the story of one writer's encounter with a love struck raccoon named Rocky.

Santa Claus:

A Right Jolly Old Elf, or an Elderly Obese Male with a Cookie Fixation? Kathy lets fly with her opinion on the jolly old fat man!

Names Have Been Changed So My Family Will Speak to Me

Kathy tries to preserve family anonymity as she shares her writing with the world.

Cut Mom A Friggin' Break Day

"At last...a holiday I can embrace". Read this story by guest author Kathleen Wooton M.D.

Hormone Hell Ride

So, you're loved one has, through no fault of her own, begun "The Change" (aka menopause). It's proof positive that Dante's Inferno is real.