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Here's important information about the awareness and treatment of major health issues for women.


Whether indoors or out, Savvy provides you with training tips and techniques for getting in shape from head to toe.

Women's Health Matters Q & A

Tattoo Removal & Leaky Bladder

These are certainly different issues for women’s health, but both can be very problematic unless handled with care.

Unusual Brown Spots & Exercise and Breast CA

Q&As focusing on prevention and early detection of women's health-related issues.


Health & Fitness Articles

Growing Up Strong: A Fresh Look at Resistance Training in Youth

One missing component in today's array of sports being offered to our young people is resistance training. See why it’s so important.

The HPV Vaccine – Are You Confused?

Attitudes about the HPV vaccine have often shifted from fanfare to fear as newspapers, blogs, and medical journals have inundated the public with conflicting opinions.

The HPV Vaccine: What Every Mother Should Know

We as parents want to do what is best for our children. Despite its controversy, vaccinating our daughters against HPV when they are young is crucial.