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Growing Up Strong: A Fresh Look at Resistance Training in Youth

One missing component in today's array of sports being offered to our young people is resistance training. See why it’s so important.

The HPV Vaccine – Are You Confused?

Attitudes about the HPV vaccine have often shifted from fanfare to fear as newspapers, blogs, and medical journals have inundated the public with conflicting opinions.

The HPV Vaccine: What Every Mother Should Know

We as parents want to do what is best for our children. Despite its controversy, vaccinating our daughters against HPV when they are young is crucial.

Vulvodynia: When Love Hurts

The very thought of touch, much less sex, makes you shiver with pain. Why? Because love hurts—literally. You could be suffering from a disorder called vulvodynia.

7 Warning Signs of Cancer You May Miss

Here are 7 early signs of cancer that you shouldn't ignore in yourself or your loved ones.

8 Body Signs Women Should Heed

It may be tempting to ignore these body signs, but don't. They may spell trouble.

Anti-Aging Tactics You Should Know

Excellent suggestions to help you look and feel younger.

Erectile Dysfunction - It's Not Just A Man's Problem

Think about it - you’re a woman in your late 40’s or early 50’s. You need sex. Meanwhile, he’s already snoring. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to look into the problem.


Aromatherapy for Physical and Mental Health Problems

Used alongside medical treatments, aromatherapy can be an excellent alternative to consider.

Live Healthier and Happier!

Would you like to know the secret to attaining vibrant beauty, a lean sexy body & a stress-free enjoyable life? The answer is quite simple, really - start living the Home Spa Lifestyle!


Female Sexual Dysfunction - Parts 1 & 2

A woman's sexuality is a complex interplay of physical and emotional responses that affects the way she thinks and feels about herself. When a woman has a sexual problem, it can affect many aspects of her life, including her personal relationships and her own self-esteem.

How To Snack Without Getting Fat

Did you know that when you are on a diet, if you eat something and no one sees you - it doesn’t contain any calories!


Six Easy Ways To Reduce Calories Every Day

To lose weight it is essential to burn more calories than you consume. That is much easier said than done, of course. Fad diets, pills, and gizmos are all the hype of infomercials and internet ads, but their benefits are weak at best.

10 Minute Workout Tips

Haven't got time for a full workout? Then try these simple routines that only take 10 minutes of your precious time. . .


Love Your Naked Self

8 Tips to help you love the skin you’re in!

Non Surgical Face Lifts

How does a weekend at beautiful and historic Cape Cod sound?  What if your weekend package included the latest healthy alternative to a surgical face lift?

 Surviving Breast Cancer

Angela Izzo’s story is inspiring – born deaf, she is now triumphing over breast cancer and looking for ways to let women know her story.

Women and Adult ADHD

My own personal journey through discovering I had Adult ADD and how I learned to live with it and through it!

Women and Depression

Depression afflicts almost 19 million Americans each year, and up to one in five American women will suffer from clinical depression at some point in her life.

Women and PMS

The condition affects roughly 30% to 40% of all women of childbearing age. PMS symptoms can appear at any time between puberty and menopause, though the most common age for PMS to become a problem is during your late 20s to mid-30s.

Women and Weight

About 129.6 million Americans - more than 64 percent of the nation - are either overweight or obese. What's more, dieting is failure-prone, and the statistics are even worse for keeping the weight off.