Savvy womens Magazine Makes Online Shopping Personal

By Melissa Doffing

You know the feeling. The one when you find the perfect pair of jeans or that sexy little dress? Shopping can be exhilarating. But what about the process of finding that perfect item? That time consuming frustration of scouring through rack after rack and then trying on one ill fitting item after another for hours? What if there was a way you could achieve the exhilaration of the perfect fit without having to try on a single thing or even leave your house?

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible.

Personalized online shopping is a growing trend. Countless online retailers provide some version of a personalized shopping experience. Land’s End offers customized clothing, SteveMadden offers made to order shoes, and FreddyandMa offers personalized handbags. monitors major retailers’ websites for sales of your favorite brands in items your size and alerts you via Salemail. allows you to create a profile of your style, favorite brands, and shopping habits and then searches for clothes for you. offers to find your perfect jeans, accessories, bra or pants in just three minutes.

Then, there is—in a class all its own. touts a stress-free online shopping experience that’s perfect for busy moms who don’t have time to spend hours in department store fitting rooms. Not only do they promise a quick way to shop, they practically guarantee a perfect and flattering fit. As a new mom and a woman who has always wanted to be stylish, but never quite knew how to achieve that perfect look, I was intrigued.

MyShape truly tailors the shopping experience to each individual woman. It only takes about a half an hour to create your free profile, and it’s fun to choose your preferred style types (modern, classic, romantic, glam, artistic or trendy), enter your measurements (everything from your bust to inseam), and detail how you like your clothes to fit (from how long you like to wear your jeans to how much cleavage you like to show). Once you finish your profile, you are assigned one of seven body types. The body types include a guide on what styles, patterns and fit looks best on you. I’m an S - curvy from the front and side. Once the work is done, the fun begins.

It’s time to shop!

MyShape offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories of all styles and price ranges, so you’re bound to find something you like whether you’re a bargain hunter or love to splurge on clothes. Your personal shop is created based on your profile, so you’re only shown pieces of clothing that are available in your size that will flatter your shape in your preferred style.

Browsing through my Personal Shop, I found countless pieces of clothing in brands and styles I would’ve never grabbed off the rack at a department store. I chose a pair of dark wash Nine West Bleeker Bootcut jeans, a heather grey Nine West cissy keyhole turtleneck sweater, a LA Made chocolate brown shift tunic tee, and a spa colored LA Made puff sleeve v-neck tee. Since I hate paying full price, I shopped the sale section and got all of this for about $100. doesn’t charge shipping on orders or returns, so it’s really risk free shopping.

Even though, unlike a visit to the mall, you don’t get to wear your new clothes right away, my order—with free shipping—arrived on time in the 4-7 day window as promised. And I didn’t even miss out on the tissue paper--my clothes arrived folded and packaged in a sheer gold gift bag with a personal note welcoming me to It felt more like a gift than an order.

Package in hand, it was time for the moment of truth. Would myShape live up to its promise to fit and flatter? I ran upstairs to try on my purchases, my ten month old daughter watching with curiosity. I slid the jeans on – they fit like a glove. In fact, they were the best fitting and most comfortable pair of jeans I had ever tried on. As if that weren’t enough, the tops also fit and flattered! They were form fitting, revealing a little cleavage, but not too much – just as I had detailed in my fit preferences. My daughter laughed and clapped her hands as I did a little happy dance around the room. I was sold. is sure to be just the tip of the fashion iceberg as modern technology meets the runway. It is revolutionizing the online shopping experience by making it possible for every woman to coax out her inner fashionista. Although convenient for busy moms, this site is perfect for any woman who wants convenient shopping and a perfect fit. Don’t waste another minute staring in frustration at a mound of clothes in a fitting room. Your perfect fit is just a click away!

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