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Savvy brings you lots of videos with spring and summer fashion tips as well as upcoming trends to help make your wardrobe a knock-out.

Women’s Fashion Essentials

Whether you’re a lawyer or a stay at home Mom, to achieve wardrobe perfection, you need key pieces which this 10 part series will give you.


Savvy Fashion Icons

Audrey Hepburn

Probably the most beloved of all style icons, Audrey Hepburn came to represent all that was the utmost in fashion in her era.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy epitomized all that was regal, stylish and elegant in the US and European world of fashion.


Savvy Fashion Articles

Fashion Forecast 2010

The woman of 2010 is bold and fearless when mixing prints. Next year’s fashion forecast calls for vibrant, crisp colours, and more inspiration from the 80’s.

Recession Fashion - When To Skimp Or Spend?

Faced with a tight budget, are you just buying cheap clothes, or are you really looking for recession fashion? Makes Online Shopping Personal

Online shopping is a rapidly growing trend. Countless online retailers provide some version of a personalized shopping experience. Then, there is—in a class all its own. MyShape truly tailors the shopping experience to each individual woman.


Check out trends in sexy fashion for women at

Savvy Jewelry

The Right Hand Bling Ring

The latest fashion accessory for savvy singles - the right hand bling ring!  Wow!

Are You A Slave To Celebrity Trends?

Whether we like to admit it or not, what celebs are wearing influences our buying decisions.


Savvy Handbags

We Are Prisoners of Our Purses

Purses are more than just a way for women to carry around must-have items.  It feels good to have the entire contents of the top of our dressers with us.

Do You Carry A Handbag Or Toolbag?

Some women could prevent nuclear war with the contents of their handbags. Are you one of them?


Savvy Perfume

Choosing the Right Scent for the Occasion

The scent of a great fragrance can allure, seduce, excite, and refresh, but a “smell” can also irritate, puzzle, and annoy. So deciding to wear the right fragrance for the right occasion is essential.

Discover Your Perfume Personality

The perfume you wear says a lot about who you are.

Women's Favorite Men's Colognes 

Find out what the favorite men's colognes are - as voted by the women who know.


Savvy Shoes

If The Dress Shoe Fits, Buy It

Our not-so-serious tips on how to have a wardrobe FULL of dress shoes.

Get Fashionable This Season With Women's Flipflops

This summer's hot look for feet is women's flipflops.