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Savvy brings you lots of videos with spring and summer fashion tips as well as upcoming trends to help make your wardrobe a knock-out.

Women's Fashion Essentials

Whether you're a lawyer or a stay at home Mom, to achieve wardrobe perfection, you need key pieces which this 10 part series will give you.

Fashion Faux Pas Women Make

Here are the top 7 fashion mistakes women can make.

Fashion Essentials for Men

For anyone who wants to avoid showing up in totally wrong clothes, here are 10 must haves for every man's wardrobe.

Savvy Fashion Icons

Audrey Hepburn

Probably the most beloved of all style icons, Audrey Hepburn came to represent all that was the utmost in fashion in her era.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy epitomized all that was regal, stylish and elegant in the US and European world of fashion.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has a cool natural elegance that sees her looking chic whether she's in jeans and a T or Chanel couture.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is the ultimate chameleon of fashion - transforming herself from Japanese street punk girl to ravishing modern-day glamour queen in only a couple of years.