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Fashion Forecast 2010

The woman of 2010 is bold and fearless when mixing prints. Next year’s fashion forecast calls for vibrant, crisp colours, and more inspiration from the 80’s.

Recession Fashion - When To Skimp Or Spend?

Faced with a tight budget, are you just buying cheap clothes, or are you really looking for recession fashion? Makes Online Shopping Personal

Online shopping is a rapidly growing trend. Countless online retailers provide some version of a personalized shopping experience. Then, there is—in a class all its own. MyShape truly tailors the shopping experience to each individual woman.

Tankini, Bandini, or Thong, Oh My!
Choose the Right Bikini for Summer

Women have been wearing bikinis since Roman times. Find out the secrets to choosing the right one for you.

Boots: The Tall and the Short of It

The season’s must-have new purchase, boots are making their way onto city streets as women get ready for fall.

Your Fashion Signature: Making A Statement And Sticking To Your Fashion Budget

How can you stretch your fashion budget and get some hot new looks for fall? It’s all about finding, and expressing, your fashion signature.

Is Cheap the New Chic?

With the sky-high price of everything, today’s style-conscious women have downsized their wallets and are now on a fashion budget.

Who Else Wants to Become a Fashion Designer?

If you want to be the next Yves Saint Laurent, it helps to be completely and utterly obsessed with fashion.

Top Fashion & Beauty Dos and Don'ts This Summer

Secrets and trends that will keep you fresh, fashion-fearless, fashion-forward, and fabulous.

Fashion for Post-Mastectomy Women?

Surviving breast cancer no longer means you have to sacrifice fashion, thanks to a new line of clothing.

Stylish Women of the Zodiac

What is your sign? The stars align for a clever look at fashion.


The Budget Fashionista's Top Ten Budget Shopping Tips

Great tips for making your next shopping trip more enjoyable and less expensive.

Celebrity Fashion Disasters OR
What Were They Thinking?

We all know that money and celebrity DON'T buy style. Our fashion guru Oat Jacobs shows you some glaring boo-boos!

The Ideal Look For Your Figure Type

A guide to what you should be wearing depending on your body type. And 12 Absolute Truths About Fashion every Savvy Woman should know!

Affordable Updating

Seven easy and inexpensive ways to update your wardrobe and get out of a fashion rut.

Plus Size Clothing:
Finding Your True Size

Finding groovy plus size clothing is one thing - finding a standardization in sizing is even harder!

10 Tips For Hot Fashion Savvy 

Our top tips for getting the whole look together


Women's Fashion Ponchos

Women's ponchos have come down from the high plains to grace the catwalks this season

Wear This Summer's Fashion With Flair

If the thought of all that exposed skin during the summer months makes you shudder, here are our tips for how to wear the hottest 2005 summer looks with style.

Plus Size Women's Clothing Revolution

Fact: Over 65 million American women wear size 12 and up.

Women's Cruise Wear

Whether you're sailing the Bahamas or relaxing poolside, women's cruise wear is the hottest fashion look this season.