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Boots: The Tall and the Short of It

by Anika Fajardo

When I was in kindergarten I had a denim skirt, matching denim vest, and a black cowboy hat. All that was missing was the boots. Now, at age thirty-three, I finally have my boots. I splurged on tall chocolate suede this fall and haven’t looked back.

Turns out, I picked the perfect season to make my purchase since boots are hotter than ever this fall. Flip through any glossy fashion mag, and you’ll see boots. Tall, short, patent leather, and fabric. Boots are everywhere.

This happens almost every year as the leaves fall and the temperatures drop. Those of us in colder climates (and anyone with any fashion sense) are ready to trade in the flip-flops for the warmth—and often comfort—of a boot.

Now, all you have to decide is which one you need.

Short Boots

This season the undeniable star of footwear is the short boot or bootie. Worn with a pencil skirt and tights, the bootie shows off the leg and ankle. Look for booties in every texture from leather to alligator to plaid. The bootie can be a good starter boot because it’s often less expensive than its taller cousin.

Can’t decide between the fashion-forward bootie and the calf-covering tall boot? Try something in between. Ankle-length can give a sassy look to skirts or be perfect for slacks. Go a little higher and you’ve got a chance to give the illusion of a tall boot without the commitment.

Tall and Taller
The tall-shaft boot is a fashion staple. Wear it with long or knee-length skirts; wear it over skinny jeans or leggings. Make a statement with your boots—just make sure you’re statement doesn’t say “hooker!” Stay away from short shorts or derrière-skimming minis when you pull on tall-shaft boots. Tall boots often come in various calf sizes, so don’t let a little extra girth stop you. The tall boot eliminates the need for stockings—and even waxing—and keeps you protected from the elements. For real winter protection, try a sheepskin-lined boot or fun wellies.

For Fun
This season’s boots are the accessory to play with. Experiment with different colors and materials. Look for high and skinny heels or low flats. Choose menswear-inspired laces or even peep-toes. Try something with buckles or zippers, or go for a sleek classic riding style. Find the perfect pair and then find the outfit to go with it!

Taking the plunge
From Kate Spade to Target you can find a boot—or bootie—in your style and price range. Go ahead and buy your first (or twenty-first) pair. I haven’t regretted my boot purchase this year—I only wish I hadn’t had to wait twenty-five years for them.

*Boot Pictured: katrina from kate spade

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