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Savvy tips to consider for helping you to better manage your personal finances.

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Here are suggestions for your financial and money management planning.

Shopping for Bargains

All Dressed Up

No more driving all over town to find the best bargains in women's fashions. Whether for a fabulous night out or every day, you'll find just what you're looking for at the price you want to pay.

Foot Candy

Shop in the comfort of your home for thousands of name brand women's shoes. You'll save money by selecting the price you're willing to pay. You owe it to yourself to check it out.


Money Articles

How to Recession Proof Your Family and Develop Kid’s Strengths

This recession will pass most children by unawares even though it may be hammering your family. But kids need recession endurance for the long haul. Here are some great suggestions to engage their strengths and help keep your child recession proof throughout life.

My Journey to Wealth: How I Rode the Bull Right into Wall Street

Find out how knowledge and information are better strategies for financial decision-making than placing blind trust in a stockbroker/salesperson, or anyone for that matter.


Peace of Mind

My Mama Told Me, "You Better Shop Around" - Finding Affordable Auto Insurance

When some killjoy reminds you to check how much auto insurance is going to cost, you do what any sane and savvy woman would do - go shopping.

Home Sweet Home: What Everybody Ought to Know about Homeowner's Insurance

Owning a house can be a cherished dream or a nightmare if disaster strikes. It depends on your insurance.