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Beauty Tips

From head to toe, your inner and outer beauty is enhanced with Savvy beauty tips.

Makeup Tips

From you lips to your eyes, both day and night, learn about makeup tips from the pros.


Savvy Beauty Articles

Black Eyes

If you’ve ever had problems removing your eye makeup, you’re not alone. Find out what problems the author has encountered over the years.

Behind the Veil

Discover the fascinating story behind Deborah Rodriguez and the famed Kabul Beauty School.

How to Turn a Basic Bath into a Spa Adventure

With a few simple steps, you can turn a basic bath into a real spa experience.


Savvy Skin Care

Anti Aging Skin Care

Our Top 10 tips to beat wrinkles.

African American Skin Care

The secret to black skin care and beauty is to understand the many undertones found in darker skin.


Best Skin Care Products

Exfoliators/Facial Scrubs

If there is one skin care product that produces immediate results, it's an exfoliator.

Eye Creams

The fine skin around your eyes deserves special care as it's the first to show signs of aging.


Aromatherapy Beauty Products

Aromatherapy Skin Care Advice

Discover the secrets of aromatherapy to benefit natural skin care.

Aromatherapy Skin Care for Dry Skin

Dry skins will immediately feel the benefits of aromatherapy skin care treatment.


Homemade Beauty Products

How to Make Your Own Skin Care Products

Experience the passion and fun of creating your own homemade skin care products with our homemade skin care recipes.

Homemade Skin Care Products for Normal Skin

To retain healthy and vibrant normal skin, try one of our homemade skin care products.


Bath & Body Treats

Bath Treats

Caring for your body reaps endless rewards. To maintain your skin from top to toe follow our bath and beauty regime.

Bath & Body Works

Once you've armed yourself with some bathroom basics, try our water baby works to boost your body and spirit.