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Aromatherapy Skin Care for Mature Skin

To slow down the signs of aging, essential oils are a wonderful tonic for mature skins.

Using these essential oil mixtures will improve your mature skin's appearance instantly.

30ml sesame oil
10ml jojoba oil
4 drops Neroli oil
2 drops frankincense oil
1 drop ylang-ylang oil

Apply this mixture each night before bed and the difference in the texture of your skin will be obvious within a few days.

4 drops Neroli oil
10 drops lavender oil
30 drops jojoba oil
10 drops glycerine oil
60 drops castor oil

Mix all the ingredients together and apply a few drops to the face and neck each night.  Gently massage into the skin and apply a hot flannel as a compress.

We have included valuable information on the use of essential oils to heal and soothe various skin conditions: